CARROT introduction


CARROT is a collective pledge stake mining, receiving BNB and liquidity generation agreement. when you hold tokens in your wallet, you are entitled to more token and BNB rewards.

To prove the fairness of the CARROTTOKEN: Project team will also have to participate in the IDO to get tokens.

What is CARROT?

CARROT is a Defi project driven by Hare community, on Binance Smart Chain #BSC. CARROT has bring forth to the BSC Habitat a revolutionary set of mechanism. Holders of Carrot token would earn daily BNB rewards and also token redistribution.
Every transaction would have 9% tax that would redistribute in the following:
..Will go into BNB reward pool
..Redistribute to LP
..Distribute to token holders

We will destroy more than 3% of the total supply and send it to a black hole address; since this address also participates in the agreement, it accumulates more tokens, effectively removing them from circulation. There is no limit to the volume of the burning tokens, and blackholes tokens will continue to grow, increasing the scarcity of CARROT.

2. Token Economics

Total supply: 1 Quadrillion $CARROT

.. 10% for pre-sale and release..
..75% is used for mining..
..15% enter the black hole/flow pool/community development

BURN-Black hole burns automatically

The team’s control of destruction and promotion based on achievements helps the community to be rewarded and informed.

In addition, because tokens are deflationary, the supply of each transaction is constantly decreasing, ensuring limited availability in the near future. Black holes are also token holders, so tokens will be destroyed automatically.

The address of the black hole that destroyed CARROT: 0x000000000000000000000000000000000000dead

3. What is pledged HARE mining

75% of the total supply of CARROT is used for mining. Players can stake tokens or through LP to mine CARROT to obtain high returns.

4. Earn BNB

4% of each transaction is withdrawn and redistributed to all $CARROT holders in $BNB.
You must be able to claim your BNB rewards during a certain period of time each day.
During this waiting time, if you continue to add more than 25% of the $CARROT balance (threshHoldTopUpRate ), the waiting time will be proportional to the period.
(Selling $CARROT will not affect your cycle)
For example, on the first day of your cycle, you add up to 30% more $CARROT, and you must wait: 30%*1 day = 7.2 hours. This means you can collect BNB after 7.2 hours in 1 day. 
But if threshHoldTopUpRate >= 100%, the waiting time will add up to 1 day, that is, 2 days.
For example, on the first day of your cycle, you add up to 100% more $CARROT, and you must wait: 1 more day. This means you can collect BNB after 2 days.
This will prevent cheaters from trying to add more $CARROT at the end of each cycle.


1. How many BNB can I collect?
You can claim the amount of BNB based on the proportion of the total pool of $CARROT/BNB you hold.。
For example, if you hold 1% of $CARROT, you can withdraw 1% of the BNB reward pool.

2. What is a BNB pool?
4% of each transaction is withdrawn and redistributed to all $CARROT holders in $BNB. This amount of BNB is called the BNB pool.

3. What if I don't collect BNB rewards in my cycle?
If you don't collect in your cycle, the BNB pool will decrease. Then your $CARROT/BNB pool ratio will also decrease. This is why you should collect as soon as the cycle is ready

4. Why is my collected BNB always changing?
You can claim the amount of BNB based on the proportion of the total pool of $CARROT/BNB you hold. Therefore, when the total number of BNB in the reward pool changes, you can also collect BNB.

5. Automatic LP and RFI static rewards

 Automatic LP

 As mentioned earlier, each transaction is subject to a 9% tax, and a 4% tax is added to PancakeSwap's liquidity through the contract.
This liquidity is locked and inaccessible, and the price floor is raised again every time a transaction is made.

RFI-Static Reward

1% of each transaction is withdrawn and redistributed to all $CARROT holders. The destruction address is also the token holder, so every transaction helps reduce supply.

6. Anti-whale mechanism

 In addition to automatically generating a liquidity agreement, we also added an anti-whale function.

We have seen many $CARROT holders suffering a big sell-out of whale accounts. For example: the price of NCAT dropped by 4 times in just a few hours because a whale dumped and took nearly 500 BNB from the pool (1771 BNB in the SAFEMOON case).

Therefore, transactions (sell/buy and wallet transfer) whose transaction volume exceeds 0.1% of the total supply will be rejected. This will also protect price changes.

7. Zero balance penalty

 When you sell all $CARROT and your balance = 0.
 Then you continue to buy $CARROT again. Your next collection date will be extended by 50 years.
Good luck, your child can collect your BNB for you!

what should I do?

If you also want to collect BNB, you can transfer your $CARROT to another wallet.
Then you can receive your BNB normally without waiting for more than 50 years.
Remember that when you transfer between wallets, the transaction will also be subject to 12% tax.
In addition, transfers (between 2 wallets) more than 1% of the total supply will be charged 1 BNB. These BNB will directly enter the BNB reward pool.